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"BBQ, when done right, can change your mood for the better. Theres nothing more fun than making folks happy through BBQ! "

Maybe it was the love of his Grandma Mary who gave him that first Weber grill. Maybe it is because his family hails from St. Louis and love of BBQ just runs in his blood. Whatever the reason, it was, and is, most certainly a gift to all who enjoy quailty BBQ. While his familial roots are midwestern, he is undoubtably West Coast Bay Area born and raised. His BBQ style is ultimately a blend of the rich food culture of the San Francisco Bay Area and the classic BBQ Styles of Missouri.


He refuses to cut corners. His search for the best ingredients for his rubs, marinades, and sauces to bring out the best in quality cuts of meat has been nothing short of a life-long labor of love. 


It's impossible for Sean's passion of BBQ not to get you excited. With Steel House BBQ, Sean is sharing his passion with you; a passion for food, family, fun, and California BBQ at its finest!

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